Best Gaming PC under $700 For 2023

Are you a gamer on a budget? Do you dream of a gaming PC that can handle all the latest games, but can’t afford to spend a fortune on one? Well, you’re in luck. In this article, we’re going to reveal the best gaming PC options under $700 that offer top-notch performance without breaking the bank.

Best Gaming PC under $700

Gone are the days when you had to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent gaming rig. With technology advancing at a breakneck pace, you can now get your hands on a budget-friendly gaming PC that can give you the ultimate gaming experience.

Our team of experts has scoured the market to bring you the best options that offer a perfect blend of performance, value, and affordability. So, whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, you’re sure to find a gaming PC that suits your needs and budget. Let’s get started!

1- HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, AMD Radeon RX 5500-(best powerful PC for gamers)

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop,

The specs that I am going to share with you people about this pre-built pc at the super low price are amazing. This gaming desktop comes with super low prices and some really good hardware, and with a ryze3 it has a ryzen 3500 and an RX 5500.

Now I got this computer probably six months ago. Now at this point, I did a full review of it. It was an awesome pc for under 700 dollars. The motherboard is a completely customized form factor. You are not going to be able to upgrade a power supply. this is a super awesome build-in for first-time pc gamers.

Who is trying to get a pre-built gaming pc, and then maybe wants to keep it for a couple of years, and sell it on the second-hand market?

To buy a new pre-built pc in the future or to build in a pc with better upgradation. But a 5300G 8GB of RAM in the dual channel RX 5500 and 256 gigs of SSD under 700 bucks is pretty insane.

There is considerable space inside the hardware frame for adjusting the larger built-in. I added 32 gigabytes of RAM with our i5 CPU. It will increase your gaming experience for sure.

  • Ultra-smooth graphics.
  • Best performance.
  • Best starter PC.
  • Size focused.
  • Swappable mesh panels.
  • Space for larger built is present.
  • Stand out mechanical and assembly quality.
  • The cooling system is not satisfying.
Why you should buy an HP Pavilion gaming laptop?

HP Pavilion gaming laptop is the best budget-friendly buy for beginner gamers, this laptop comes with cutting-edge gaming performance, is geared with the latest hardware, and is easily upgradeable. You can easily play overwatch, league of Legends, and Fortnite. This is best all in one PC.

2- SkyTech Chronos Mini Gaming Computer PC Desktop-(Best gaming pc for mainstreaming)

SkyTech Chronos Mini Gaming Computer PC Desktop

Finding the best laptop within a limited budget of 700 dollars is not less than a daunting challenge but I take this challenge and bought a laptop for my nephew within a limited budget of under 700.

I have vast experience with gaming pcs I usually prefer built pcs but now in hustle I preferred to buy a prebuilt gaming pc under USD700 dollar. So, let’s get started with my review of the SkyTech chronos mini gaming PC desktop.

The SkyTech chronos that I brought has an AMD R5x it has a wraith prism CPU cooler, it got a b550 motherboard, it has 16 gigabytes of DDR4 3200. You can use 1 out of the 4 mother slots that are in a motherboard.

So overall I don’t have complaints against the SkyTech mini gaming pc desktop, good job sky tech. it is acceptable with this price tag containing lots of features.

GPU is AMD RX 6800. It’s a reference board, reference cooler, and everything that will give you the next-level gaming experience. CPU processor is a game changer it processes 30X faster than the traditional HDD.

  • Noise-damped panels.
  • Good Mechanics and assembly quality.
  • Small-ish system integrator.
  • Mouse mats.
  • Wireframe mouse.
  • Reasonable thermal performance.
  • Best value for the price
  • There is no glass being exposed to grab and remove the glass, so removal of glass is unsafe.
Why you should buy a SkyTech chronos pc desktop?

This is the most acceptable system I can probably recommend this system is pretty good, overall it’s very promising it contains a silent base of 802 cases, high build quality, and it’s both sides focused and airflow focused built. Always be ready for your teammates, you can outcompete your rival easily. This is the easiest way to achieve victory on budget.

3- HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Computer, AMD Ryzen 5 3500 -(Best pre-built gaming pc under $700)

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Computer

This time I am having a brand-new AMD Ryzen 5 3500 processor, and a gaming desktop computer, this gaming PC is just launched and we are having it. This is among the best pcs that I found this year.

Due to GPU prices being ridiculously crazy right now. Look at the specs here and know what kind of performance this gaming pc is going to put out.

It is probably worth buying. Because if you have been keeping up with the GPU prices, they are ridiculous. It’s better to buy this fully functioning PC, and its specs are pretty decent.

So, for the CPU we have the Ryzen 5 3500 six core twelve threads base clock, 3.6 boosts up to 4.1 8 gigabytes of DDR4 and GTX 1650 super.

So, overall, this thing is really small, we do have room for another 2.5-inch drive or 3.5-inch mechanical drive. If you want to upgrade your gaming PC. You can crush the latest AAA and most demanding games including Fortnite, league of Legends, and Overwatch.

Solid state drive 512 GB, M.2 Solid-state Drive, load your favorite games in seconds, you can enjoy a more powerful and immersive gaming experience without any interruption at the standard hard drive.

  • 8GB RAM.
  • Pre-installed Windows 10 home.
  • 8 gigs of DDR4.
  • RX5500 (4GB GDDR5 dedicated memory).
  • 3500 processor.
  • 512GB solid-state drive.
  • 4K resolution video playback.

  • No front fans, that why becomes a bit overheated.

Why should you buy AMD Ryzen 3500 Gaming desktop computer?

I recommend AMD Ryzen 3500 gaming desktop computer awesome deal without putting an extra burden on your pocket. This gaming PC under 700 USD dollars can be your one, it can be your little media center, your workstation, and your gaming rig.

4- Empowered PC Continuum Micro Gaming Desktop -(Best budget-friendly gaming PC for beginners)

Empowered PC Continuum Micro Gaming Desktop

Having a budget of $700, and you want to buy a decent budget prebuilt gaming PC then PC Quantum micro gaming desktop is the best option for you. At the time I purchased this PC all the specs were the same.

I bought this top-tier PC mainly because I wanted the storage and memory for casual gaming. Holy crap! I was not disappointed.

This gaming pc under the decent range of 700 dollars comes with a glamorous AMD Ryzen 3 5300 Quad Core processor,16 GB DDR4, 512GB NVMe solid state drive, and AMD Radeon Graphics.

I play probably 8 or 9 games all the time, ranging from 10 years old to released last year. All of them run buttery smooth on this thing. Of course, It just looks super sharp, with amazing lighting effects and such, with no lag.

That’s about 40% of this below-700-dollar gaming PC use. The rest of the time it gets pounded with work. Paperwork and audio/video processing. It performs all of that like a dream as well.

Like I said – I realize there are the better-builds out there for what I do, but not at this price, especially when I bought it, there is just no comparison. I find this gaming PC very fast.

The setup went without complications. It recognized my wireless mouse and keyboard during startup, along with the included USB wifi connector. Games that took minutes to load now do so in seconds, and I’m switching them to the highest graphic settings without getting any lag.

Not bad for the price paid. Now it’s time for getting into some real-world gaming, so first of all we have Skyrim special edition, it will run at 60 all day. I did not notice any dips in the frame rate at all. Just runs great and looks amazing. Playable on this setup.

  • Best graphical settings.
  • Runs games at built-for-play.
  • higher frame rates.
  • Better-looking settings.
  • Unstoppable performance.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Upon arrival, the infinity mirror was not properly hooked up.
Why you should buy a PC Quantum micro gaming desktop?

My advice? If you’re thinking about it, but on the fence… then go ahead and jump on over. You won’t regret it! I loved everything i.e., fast shipping, a beautiful machine with gorgeous colors, fast machine, no need for a graphics card, and it keeps my son entertained.

5- Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer Intel i5 3.10GHz-(Best cheap PC for Gamers)

Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer

If you are entering the market for buying a gaming pc this budget-friendly PC below 700 USD dollar is the best option for you.

This is the best budget gaming pc for someone who is just starting with gaming such as a young child or early teenager then this is the gaming PC for you. I tested this BELOW 700 Dollar gaming PC for review purposes.

And I found it can run all the standard popular games nowadays at low to medium settings at an average of 100 to 60 frames per second.

The colors are great on this pre-built gaming PC. it looks cool from the front and the inside from the sides. As I mentioned that this plays all the games without any issues, along with this it comes with one year warranty which is nice for the price.

While using this PC I had not any issues with overheating of this PC while hours of playing. It gave me a smooth experience of gaming. This PC runs fortnight on average at 100 frames per second on low settings and 60 frames on medium settings.

This gaming PC runs a PUBG average of 30 frames per second on low settings and runs GTA 5 average of 30 frames per second. Intel core i5 2400, 3.10 gigahertz gtx 650, one-gigabyte video card with DVI HDMI and VGA output, and including one year warranty.

  • The keyboard mouse and monitor are all set to come together.
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM.
  • 1 TB Hard drive.
  • Graphical cards
  • Intel i5 3.10 GHz Processor.
  • Best for school work too.
  • 4GB graphical card.
  • Remote control system.
  • 3RGB fans.
  • Zero streaming capabilities.
Why you should buy an Alarco Desktop Gaming PC Intel i5?

I recommend Alarco Desktop Gaming PC Intel i5 as the best beginner gaming laptop, it is light on your pocket you can buy this PC for gaming even if you have under 700 dollars in your pocket. If you want to save money this product is best for you. It comes with acceptably good features without giving a dent to your bank.


Is 60 fps good for a gaming PC?

It’s all about balancing the graphical quality and frame rates. There are two conditions if you have higher fps rates, your graphics rates will decrease automatically.60 fps graphics will give you smooth gameplay but lower graphics. So, it is better to balance both frame rate and graphics by keeping them at 45 fps.

Will adding RAM increase FPS?

The answer is yes! Ram has effects over FPS to certain levels. If you will increase your gaming PC RAM it will increase FPS and ultimately your gaming performance too. But upgradation in graphical cards and CPU effects more as compared to increase in RAM.

s 265 GB a lot for gaming?

Yes! 256 GB is enough for gaming there is no ultimate answer to this question. But it varies according to conditions. If you want pc just to play games, and you have just 2 to 3 games to play then 265 GB is enough. But in case you have lots of heavy software programs installed on your computer, and planning to install high-quality AAA games 256 GB is not enough you should go for 512 GB SSD or 1TB SSDs.

How much RAM is good for gaming?

A minimum of 16 GB RAM is required for gaming. It makes gaming smoother and increases the performance of your PC. 16 GB allows running applications in the background.

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking to build a gaming PC that won’t break the bank, a budget of $700 can get you pretty far in 2023. After researching and analyzing various components, we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming PC options under $700 for 2023.

After extensive research and analysis, we have determined that the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, AMD Radeon RX 5500 is the best powerful PC for gamers under $700 in 2023. Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor and AMD Radeon RX 5500 graphics card, this PC offers excellent value for its price and can handle most modern games at high settings.

Ultimately, the best gaming PC under $700 for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, these three options are a great place to start your search and are sure to provide an enjoyable gaming experience without breaking the bank.

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