Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work. The cooling pads are a built-in type of accessory that will connect outside of the gaming laptop. These cooling pads contain fans that will improve the cooling system of your laptop and also help to not reduce the efficiency level of a gaming laptop. You just connect this device to your gaming laptop and then turn it on its setting to show better results.

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Yes, cooling pads really do work, but there are different cautions to this. A good cooling pad has an average decrease in temperature capacity from 14 degrees up to 30 degrees. The cooling fans of laptops do not cool down a deeper issue, the cooling pads are needed for this issue.

As the cooling pad is like the AC of your laptop. So, you can say that the weather of a laptop is very hot and you need to cool it down. Then in this situation cooling pads will work as a cool breeze. Now here cooling pad is required.

Laptop cooling pads are rectangular boxes that work as a lap for laptops. So, on this lap, you can put your heated laptop to cool it down.

The fans are adjusted into these pads that will start cooling down your laptop. The airflow can cool down a laptop by adjusting the coolness. After cooling you will get a well-performed and better-experienced cooled laptop.

But if the thermal paste of a laptop that is already working for 5 plus years, then more chance is that the cooling pad does not improve heat. Because this cannot be perfectly transferred from GPU or CPU to cooler.

People who are fond of gaming then those people can understand the issue of heating gaming laptops. Even the best gaming laptop will tend to heat up fast. So, here the question arises how can you overcome this problem?

How can you overcome the heating gaming laptops problem?

This is also true that the heat of gaming laptops may affect the laptop’s efficiency. But I know that you need a perfect solution for that so, in this article, I will discuss the solution to this problem: a cooling pad for a gaming laptop. With the help of the cooling pad, you can get high graphics activities and performance.

As heat is produced as a result use of gaming laptops for many hours.  Most gaming laptops available in the market has already cooling fans but they can reduce the heat to a very low extent. After the usage of a laptop cooling pad, the reduction of heat occurs. These cooling pads can work like cooling fans but the difference is only limited and speed.

But here is a question do laptop cooling pads work? Then you have to clear that the cooling pads are the best options for gaming laptops. You can easily buy them from a market at different prices. You should buy this product because this will be worth the purchase.

Is this true that the cooling pads work as their advertisement?

As there are many cooling pad brands present in the market that are selling their products through different advertisement schemes. Never depends on advertisement because all laptop has different needs.

So, you have to remain careful for purchasing the best product. For this purpose, you have to start searching for simple and low-priced products. Firstly, you should get all the required information for cooling pads and their working. After all the searching now, you can purchase the best product of cooling pad.

Are cooling pads reliable for gaming laptops?

For serious gamers, cooling pads are essential that they need for the reduction of heat. As the gaming laptop`s GPU demands a cooling system to run smoothly. These cooling pads will help them to lower the operating temperature with improvement in technical performance.

From all benefits, this is proven that cooling pads can work for gaming laptops. So, the purchase of a cooling pad is a good investment even if you are going to buy a frame or cooling pad for your integrated or dedicated GPU. As the gaming laptop`s GPU is powerful with a fast speed processor that will assist smooth and better visuals or graphics.

This is a reason you need a cooling pad that will improve user experience. For the 8 suitable adjustment heights, there is a product available in the market: the Topmate cooling pad. This cooling pad can reduce pain in the back and neck and improve posture due to its adjustable feature.

This cooling pad can also have a convenient option for an expandable phone holder. Many cooling pads are available that have many additional functionalities. So, these are not of that type from which you can only lower the temperature with an elevated workspace. Some cooling pads have many additional functions such as a phone holder, attached mouse pads, and USB ports.

An example of this type is Ice Cooler RGP Laptop Cooling Pad. This cooling pad has an LCD interface that is used to adjust fan speeds and activate 7 multiple RGB modes of light. This product also has two USB 2.0 ports and a mobile phone holder for convenient functional working.

Classification of Laptop Cooling Pads

Many cooling pads are manufactured these days so, for easy reach to perfect product all cooling pads are classified into types. This classification is mainly done on its difference in functioning. The main three types are given below:

  • Passive Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Active Laptop Colling Pad
  • Vacuum or Attachable Laptop Colling Pad

1. Passive Laptop Cooling Pad

The passive laptop cooling pad is a type that can refer to a cooling pad without other thermal conductive moving parts and built-in fans. These are only primarily serving for the elevation of the laptop. Because this cooling pad will allow access from beneath to the most unrestricted airflow. For example, the Klsniur Laptop Stand is a kind of passive laptop cooling pad. Because this is perfect for those laptops that have weak fans or no fans.

2- Active Laptop Cooling Pad

The active laptop cooling pad has variable speeds with built-in fans for additional airflow.  This is also a type of laptop cooling pad that is designed as a flat mesh rectangle that has case fans inside of it. This is usually available for about twenty to fifty dollars. The active laptop cooling pad is a little flashier and with fewer or more fans commonly lots of people are looking to purchase it. The best example of this cooling pad is Havit Laptop Cooling Pad.

3- Attachable or vacuum Laptop Colling Pad

The third type is an attachable or vacuum laptop. These cooling pads do not directly take part in the improvement in the intake because their function is to do better exhaust acceleration. So, these cooling pads can push heat faster as compared to the built-in fans.

Which type of cooling pad is recommended?

This is very hard to recommend only one type even its passive, active, or attachable cooling pad. Because all laptops have different thicknesses, surface areas, and intake or exhaust locations. These cooling pads are not suitable for those laptops that already have a compatible and stronger exhaust system. So, you should get knowledge about your laptop’s specifications and requirements.

How to choose a cooling pad for your laptop? Buying Guide:

You need a cooling pad when you notice that the cooling fan of your laptop is not working enough to reduce heat. So, here the solution is that you should buy the best cooling pad. Now, here, I am going to tell you the basic information that buyers should read before purchasing any cooling pad.

  • Firstly, there is not essential to pay lots of money to purchase a good cooling pad. Because the cooling pad of 20 dollars is working more perfectly as compared to 70 dollars. So, 30 dollars is more than enough to get any cooling pad for your laptop. But this is also true that when you need more features then you have to pay more.
  • Mostly the laptop needs cooling pads when you are using video editing software and games. So, for these things you have to buy a cooling pad.
  • Long-time usage of a gaming laptop is also another reason to buy a cooling pad. The cooling pad is only a stand with an attachment of some fans mounted on it. But with this simple technology, you can run your laptop for many hours.
  • These are cooling pads that will provide you with a better cooling experience by using active or passive cooling support. They can maintain by lowering internal and external temperatures to improve the performance of a processor.
  • If you are a person which is playing games by using blankets and pillows then these cooling pads are essential. Because these cooling pads will help to prevent the covering of fan vents through pillows and blankets.
  • As lots of skin specialists said that the heat coming from a laptop is injurious to health. Because it can cause a disease of the skin which is named Toasted Skin Syndrome.
  • By using an adjustable cooling pad, you can manage angle and height, and level to reduce neck pain and improve body posture.

What are the 5 best products for cooling pads?

There are many products which are available in the market.  Here are 5 best-featured cooling pads that will fulfil all your requirements.

1.     IETS GT300 Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad

2.     Top Mate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler

3.     Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Cooling Pad

4.     Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

5.     Targus Portable Chill Hub Cooling Pad


1-What kind of laptop cooling pad do I need?

For a better purchase firstly, you should understand how much your laptop is cooling right now. You also know where the exhaust of your laptop is adjusted. All laptops have different directions because some are available on the bottom or backside. After this identification check whether the exhaust vent is pushing out hot air or not. If your laptop has not had the bottom exhaust but only the side or back exhaust then you should purchase a cooling pad. So, the cheapest option is a passive cooling pad because these do not contain moving fans. But for desk use, these are ideal options due to their adjustable laptop stands.

2-Are my temperatures good enough without a laptop cooling pad?

Yes, the temperature of a laptop is good enough if the heating rate under load is over 85C to 90C. So, do not worry because this is a rate that will not be affecting your laptop. Generally, in regular use, this rate goes up to 90C. For regular and non-stop use, you should purchase a cooling pad for better results.

3-Will a laptop cooling pad improve rendering performance?

For rendering-intensive scenes, your laptop needs a more powerful CPU and GPU. So, with the help of cooling pads, a laptop cannot increase FPS or lessen the render time. Because it can only effectively push back the limit of time. This process will only happen in this condition if your laptop is already doing perfect cooling due to its well-designed features.

4-Can I combine laptop cooling pads?

Yes, you can combine laptop cooling pads but this is not a good method because this will never provide a massive improvement. I have already checked this combination of active and passive cooling pads personally but did not work. Now, I am observing a great difference in degrees between my current and last cooling pads.

5-Are there other ways to lower my laptop’s temperature?

Yes, replacing thermal paste can improve the laptop’s cooling system. So, do not use more liquid metal because some thermal compounds are available that will show high performance in use. So, open a laptop to clean the thermal paste for improved cooling.


In conclusion, as, I discuss whether these cooling pads are worth able or not. Mainly gamers use this for its feature of improving the efficiency of laptops by lowering their temperature.

As I told you above that there are many ranges of prices of cooling pads that are doing the same work. So, you should understand your need and purchase a good option even at a lower price such as 20 to 30 dollars. These prices are worth it if they are fulfilling your all needs that I have already described above. But if you are feeling that this range is not the right option, then always go with your laptop and gaming requirements that will go above 50 to 70 Dollars.

If these expensive cooling pads with additional functionalities are useful for them then this price is also worth it.

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