Best Projector under $200 For 2023

Best Projector under $200. Looking for an affordable projector that won’t break the bank? We’ve got you covered! We’ve tested and analyzed some of the best projectors under $200 on the market and have come up with a list of our top picks. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home entertainment system or need a portable projector for work presentations, our list has something for everyone.

Best Projector under $200

Our review of these projectors includes factors such as picture quality, brightness, connectivity, and ease of use. We understand that finding the right projector can be overwhelming, especially when you’re on a budget. That’s why we’ve done the research and testing for you, so you can make an informed decision without breaking the bank.

So, whether you’re a movie buff looking for a theater-like experience, a gamer in need of a bigger screen, or a business professional seeking a reliable projector for presentations. Moreover, our list of the best projectors under $200 has got you covered. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks and find the perfect projector for you!

1- GooDee 2023 Upgraded Projector-Best Affordable native 1080p projector under $200

Projector, GooDee 2023 Dolby

Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses for Product Movie, Education, Video, Home Cinema, Gaming, Business
Special Feature Dolby Audio, Eye Protection, Advanced Cooling Technology
Connectivity Technology 2 HDMI, VGA, 2 USB, AV, TF Card and 1080P Supported
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Color Black
Weight ‎4.49 pounds

Overview through Experience

Goo Dee is a brand of Best Projector under $200 that is a globally reliable leader and innovator in smart devices for travel, entertainment and smart homes. It aims to create a securely connected and convenient home lifestyle is supposed to be.

Goo Dee projector brings you a warm and wonderful family time. It is a must-have for daily entertainment. You can enjoy it anytime. However, I purchased this projector for backyard movie nights.

The above pictures are on a collapsible screen or frame I bought on Amazon. It is nothing more than a white cloth sheet. I am sure the pictures would pop way more on a better screen.

Features that Make it Shine

There are a couple of things to note such as this is not my first projector. The first one I bought was around the $80 mark. It was fun to have a huge screen, the picture quality was great.

It seems like every projector in this price point advertises 1080p. However, it only supports a 1080p picture. Likely, it is a native 480p picture that may be 720p if you’re lucky.

This projector is 1080p. As the picture is clear and crisp. It is easy to navigate once you figure out how to do it. Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the picture. It is nothing like the 4K TV you have in your house.

However, It is a very nice picture. I’d not recommend this in a partially lit room. The picture will be very dull but in a fully dark room, it is awesome. If you’re on the fence or looking for a great projector under $200 then this projector is the one.

If you have the room move your projector back so you get the screen size you want. We played for an hour and many movies and when it was over the projector was not hot. Not even warm to the touch.

We did not notice the noise from the fan at all but keep in mind that we were outdoors and not sitting next to it. I did try it indoors first to figure out how to use it and even then I did not think the fan was very loud.

  • Best family projector for under 200 bucks.
  • Its adapt LCD technology can maximize lamp utilization.
  • Supports Native 1080p display & Latest Cooling System.
  • This projector has a 3.5mm audio port. You can connect it to external speakers.
  • Can deliver a vivid image & (3W) Built-in dual stereo speakers.
  • Can easily connect your multimedia devices.
  • An HDMI Adapter or a Micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter is not included in the package.
Why I am suggesting this GooDee 2023 Upgraded Projector?

I am suggesting this Best Projector under $200 for its feature of 2022 Upgraded Brightness. Because GooDee is a best seller projector brand that improved the brightness, added 80% brighter than other ordinary projectors. Its contrast ratio of 3000: 1 can provide a brighter image and wider viewing even in slight light or outdoor places such as the backyard, garage and camping.

2- FANGOR 230-inch Portable Movie Projector-Best projector for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

FANGOR 230 Portable Movie Projector

Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses for Product Tabletop Mount
Special Feature 10000:1 contrast ratio, Wi-Fi Connection, 5.0 Bluetooth
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Color Sliver
Weight ‎2.8 pounds

Overview through Experience

I gifted this to my brother as an early Christmas present and I was a bit skeptical that it will work great or not. I had planned on purchasing a much more expensive one for entertainment set up in his home.

I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Because this projector is working great. You are not going to get theater-grade performance out of this projector but it is pretty darn good. Now, he uses it mostly to play on his PS4 and watch movies and shows with his kids.

Features that Make it Shine

Moreover, its sound is pretty loud, loud enough for a smaller room. But I think that it is louder than most TVs and the built-in sound. When he connected it to a firestick and was just amazed at all the channels which were completely blown away him.

Indeed, when I and my brother saw a movie together than on that time I was also impressed with the picture quality. Did not expect this to be as good as it is.

The picture on this is better than most TVs I grew up with. Moreover, he is using an amazing projector screen from Amazon, and it really works great with this and so does a firestick.

However, this projector is on a shelf opposite the wall. He is projecting with a projector screen hung on it. Have it projecting to an entire wall of this room and it has a very clear picture.

Had to log into my Wi-fi with it and enter the password so the text is very clear. This is lightweight and portable with a very nice carrying case that he plans to keep safe when not in use. In the conclusion, It’s a little finicky to get into focus.

The only issue he has is that it isn’t very bright, you really can’t use it and expect to see everything if there is any light pollution.

  • Best small, portable and ultra-light projector.
  • Fangor-506 is best 4k projector under $200.
  • Its 16.78 Million colors will help to enhance color accuracy.
  • The latest Wi-Fi connecting function is compatible with IOS and Android systems.
  • Its USB port will allow you to insert your USB stick or hard drive.
  • Moreover, can provide power for compatible HDMI streaming media players.
  • With the sleep time shutdown function on this home projector.
  • Due to the movie projector, does not support Dolby sound.
Why I am suggesting this FANGOR projector?

I am suggesting this Best Projector under $200 for its Bluetooth & surround speaker. Because this projector has its own built-in stereo surround speaker which can restore every detail sound effect to let you enjoy the pleasure sounds in different scenes. Moreover, you can connect your ideal Bluetooth speaker wirelessly at any time. But make sure both your phone and this 1080p Wi-Fi Bluetooth projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3- BIGASUO Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector-Best HD Projector under 200


Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses for Product Movie, Education, Video, Home Cinema, Gaming, Business
Special Feature Built-in DVD Player, Digital Zoom  Advanced Cooling Technology
Connectivity Technology HDMI, USB, VGA, MHL, AV, Bluetooth, MicroSD
Display resolution 1280 x 720 Pixels
Color ‎White
Weight ‎2.2 pounds


Overview through Experience

First of all, I have reviewed lots of projectors but there is one of the projectors that I like most due to its features. This projector is BIGASUO Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector which is under 200 USD dollars and best working product.

Its DVD player is very easy to use and it works very well, I love this design. I used this Best Projector under $200 for over 1 1/2 years. I loved it and used it a lot.

The setup was easy and I felt that this is good not a techy person. I used it for DVDs, streaming and watching movies with the family. It’s a good value for the cost.

When we had a question, customer service was amazing in getting back to us and helping us. But to use it perfectly, you have to learn some steps. So, here are the steps to reset this projector.
1. Press the MENU button and enter the home page.
2. Enter the Setup page.
3. Find the Advanced and jump down the button to last option-Restore Factory Default.
4. Press enter to reset the device.

Features that Make it Shine

Overall, this is best for its zoom function, yes it can zoom in or zoom out simply via the zoom button on the remote control, but it seems only supported in DVD mode.

Indeed, the sound is plenty loud enough, even without a blue tooth speaker and its picture is crisp and clean. The only thing I have a little issue with is that the height of the tripod isn’t adjustable.

It may have been meant to be. But it keeps sliding down to the lowest under the weight of the projector, which isn’t a big deal, I just need it to be a little higher. I hope that it will be helpful for you.

  • Enhanced Brightness and restored color details better.
  • Multiple Inputs are available.
  • This projector is using high-quality 6 Layer LCD Lens. Contain 65000 hours long lamp life.
  • Built-in 2 powerful speakers. Can provide HI-FI sound effects.
  • BIGASUO projector is thoughtfully offered a free Bag & Tripod.
  • The contrast ratio of Pro302 is as high as 8000:1.
  • It`s fan system sound is a little bit louder.
Why I am suggesting this BIGASUO Projector?

I am suggesting this Best Projector under $200 for its 2-IN-1 Projector Built-in DVD Player feature which is easy to use. BIGASUO Pro302 projector is not only a home video projector but also a DVD Projector.

This unique design is our exclusive patent that will enable you to directly play a movie from your favorite discs, and more convenient to enjoy it on the big screen.

Moreover, this Best Projector under $200 will also save the cost of an additional DVD player. Then, this means one mini projector and double happiness.

4- YABER Y31 9800L Native 1920x 1080P Projector-Best 4k Video Projector for Home Theater

YABER Y31 9800L Native 1920x1080P Projector

Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses for Product Movie, Video, Home Cinema, Gaming
Special Feature ±50° 4D Keystone Correction, Big screen display, Full HD Video Projector
Connectivity Technology HDMI, USB, VGA, A V,T V B OX, DVD, Smartphone and PS4
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Color White
Weight ‎5.7 pounds


Overview through Experience

Once my friend asks me to buy him the best projector to spend memorial time with his family. So, I recommended to him YABER Y31 9800L Projector which is best 4k projector and durable projector for under 200 dollars.

It works in a bright room but it’s not the perfect 6800 lumens. The image that is projected by this projector is very good.

However, I noticed that the very contrasted sequences do not look quite good. But I repeat, in general, the resolution of the image and the colors are quite good, watching an animation with this projector is very pleasant.

Features that Make it Shine

Similarly, the options that it brings to adjust the screen are amazing, I think it is the most remarkable thing about this projector because this makes your life quite a lot more colorful.

Depending on how you tilt the screen then you can find a balance between the focus wheel and said lever to get to the best image. I’ve only been able to test it at a distance of about 3 M, which gives a 100-inch screen, and the truth is, it looks pretty good.

Subsequently, I haven’t gotten to the point where it turns off by heating. The maximum I’ve had it on is about five and a half hours to check its durability and consistent working.

I have only used it’s high-quality H.264 and I have mounted it to two different bases and it fits without any problem. If I tell you about its sound then I can say that its integrated sound is quite good. Although I have not had the opportunity to test it in a very large space.

The sound of the fan is acceptable. The control you bring is very functional and simple to use. Moreover, I hope my review works because before buying this equipment I made many comparisons and as quality or price ratio this was the best. 

  • Has updated an advanced and silent cooling system.
  • The projector can play 4K videos.
  • Providing 300-inch giant screen & wide compatibility.
  • This LED projector has built-in 3W dual stereo speakers.
  • Its video quality is not 7000 lumens. So, you have to use it in a completely dark room to enjoy it.
Why I am suggesting this YABER Y31 9800L Projector?

I am suggesting this projector for its Innovative One-Click to Brighten & 4D Keystone Correction Function. Because this HD projector is the first projector with a one-click to brio-brightening and auto vertical correction. With vertical & horizontal manual ± 50° 4D keystone correction, one-click restore & -25% zoom function this projector is very convenient to adjust the screen by using the remote control.

5- Kodak Portable Best Projector under $200-Best Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses for Product Video, Home Cinema, Gaming,
Special Feature DLP Rechargeable Pico Projector
Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI, MicroSD
Display resolution 640 x 360 Pixels
Color White
Weight ‎5.3 ounces

Overview through Experience

Kodak Portable Projector is the best little and cheap projector which is very convenient for teaching. I use this against a whiteboard in a small little classroom to give my students ground lessons.

A Works best with a battery-powered projector and its battery does die little bit fast but it also charges back up fast. When I hook it up to my iPad and display a PowerPoint. This product has brought me much joy it’s slim, clean and sleek design is cool and trendy.

The only thing I didn’t like was that I could not mirror from my phone without a ridiculously short power cord. I wish there was some kind of extension for the charging cord too.

Features that Make it Shine

You can not only use it for home but also useful to play videos if you have them on USB Flash Drive, or if it’s connected via HDMI or from an SD card.

To get a super sharp image, use a dark room, and for me, it’s a little smaller than 100 inches. The great thing is that it is small and the Best Projector under $200 because it can be taken everywhere.

Moreover, the picture quality is fine and the colors are really good. But I can’t use it as a second monitor because the text is often unreadable when the rest of the picture is in sharp focus. Anyway, it is a good idea to buy this product for office and school presentations as well as entertainment.

  • No complicated buttons or menu screens to use.
  • Can work as best gaming console or HDMI video player for gaming.
  • Its advanced DLP optical engine.
  • Will provide best performance in dark to Dim-Lit Rooms.
  • Best portable pocket projector to carry.
  • Includes Room-Filling Built-in Speakers.
  • No Bluetooth capability is available in this projector. But you can replace it by using HDMI and SD card.
Why I am suggesting this Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector?

I am suggesting this Best Projector under $200 for its Palm size perfection. Because this projector is the smallest and lightest DLP projector in the world slips. So, you can conveniently carry it in your handbag, briefcase, or Back Pocket.

6-WiMiUS 2023 Upgrade P28 -Best Zoom Function Projector 

Auto 6D Keystone, Native 4K WiFi Bluetooth 5.2

Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses for Product Video, Home Cinema
Special Feature LCD type
Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI
Display resolution 4k maximum, 1920 x 1080 pixels
Color White
Weight ‎5.5 pounds

Overview through Experience

Once, my theater project needed a projector then I borrow the best theater project from my cousin. This projector was WiMiUS 2023 upgrade P28 outdoor video that projector was 800 lumens that were good at show time because it is really good for dark rooms. I read a lot of articles and watched a few videos on this and the various units out there.

Eventually, I settled in on this P28 model from WiMiUS. It has a few key features mainly, I was after its digital keystone and zoom and fit the projection throw and screen size.

I have personally experienced its best contrast ratio of 16 by 9. Moreover, I got a great experience due to which its picture quality was brighter than my older Z3 projector. The colors were more vibrant and I was able to watch a show with the curtains open in the room. With my previous projector, it would be all washed out.

Features that Make it Shine

When the unit came in, I did a quick setup on a ladder, wired it up and gave it a try in my show. After mounting it, I was able to quickly set the zoom and keystone.

The focus was easy to achieve and so far has not changed or needed adjustment. And yes, as per some of the reviews, it is a bit soft on the focus on the edges. From a connection standpoint, I route my signals through AV Amp and HDMI switchers.

I’ve had no issues so far with this connection method of this projector. I’m not using the audio in the projector so I can’t speak to that.

The one drawback I will point out is the fan noise. Some projector has a high-light setting that would crank up the fan. I tried playing with the noise reduction settings with negligible results.

But this is tolerable and not a major concern to me. Especially for the price. Overall, I’m happier than I thought I would be with this purchase if further needed in a theater show.

  • The non-direct light sources will protect your eyes better.
  • Its best cooling system will exhaust the inner heat.
  • Be built-in with quiver MEMC.
  • It has dual internal 10W Hi-Fi speakers.
  • This smart home theater projector has a one-key image brightening function.
  • The fan noise is a little bit high but this is tolerable and not a major concern to me especially for the price.
Why I am suggesting this WiMiUS 2023 Upgrade P28?

I am suggesting this Best Projector under $200 for its True native 1080P projector and 15000:1 contrast ratio. Because this TV projector has a real native resolution of 1920 by 1080 that can also support 4K video when connecting with smartphones and PC. Moreover, its 10000:1 highest contrast ratio will bring more color level the projector can display, thus the image will be more vivid.

7- iRULU BL20 Mini Video Projector-Best Mini Video Projector 

iRULU BL20 Mini Video Projector

Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses for Product Video, Home Cinema, and business
Special Feature Dual HDMI Ports for laptop, TV and Computer
Connectivity Technology VGA, USB, HDMI
Display resolution 800 x 480 Pixels
Color White
Weight ‎4.8 pounds

Overview through Experience

At first, I was hesitant about getting this projector, given its relatively low price and the fact that it’s described as a Vedio instead of a video projector.

Later on, I decided to give it a try anyway, and I’m glad that I did. I am really happy with this purchase. So, I have used it for two weekends and it works great for what I need it to do.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to view the movie on a large screen but who wants to keep it at a reasonable price. iRULU BL20 video projector can be a fixed member for your home entertainment system.

Whether you’re playing games, watching a movie or a football game. The video projector will provide a big-screen experience of a great movie night for a comfortable viewing experience.

Features that Make it Shine

This projector comes a with ​portable and compact design due to its weight which is only 4.8lb. You can also make your phone or tablet a bigger screen by adjusting your phone or tablet screen on the big screen.

But your phone or tablet must support MHL function to play games, watch movies and share photos with an MHL cable or wireless HDMI adapter through HDMI port directly.

This is a decent projector, especially for the money, but it does have a few problems that keep me from really loving it. The picture is pretty decent for what it is. If you are watching darker movies, you will need a dark room, but watching animated shows like Bob’s Burgers or anime show a bright crisp picture, even in rooms with a fair amount of light.

Lastly, the amount of output is impressive, especially for this price point. Unfortunately, the HDMI inputs are a little close together, so if you use a Chromecast or Firestick, they most likely won’t fit next to each other unless you get extension adapters.

The USB ports are great, you can hook up UBB drives to watch your stuff or use them to power your Firestick and Chromecast.

  • The largest image size is 200 inches, but you will get a better experience at 100 inches.
  • The projector comes with 2 HDMI ports.
  • Moreover, the lifetime of the LED lamp is more than 20000 hours.
  • The BL20 video projector has an image size of 30 -200 inches.
  • This is best projector for home and office. Always recommended to use indoor and dark environments.
  • This is very cheap and the lumens are low.
Why I am suggesting this iRULU BL20 Mini?

I am suggesting this Best Projector under $200 for its Projection technology. Because its Projection technology depends on 5 inch LCD TFT LCD panel, operation modes such as manual or remote control, 2 USB, 2 HDMI, TV inputs or DTV, AV, YPBPR, VGA, and Audio input. So, with this technology, you can enjoy best experience of watching movies and playing games.

What is the best projector under $100?

As there is a wide range of projectors that are available in the market for all budget limits.  Indeed, many projectors are best and available under 100 dollars with great features. The list of these products is given below:

  1. PONER SAUND Wi-Fi Mini Projector- Best Home Outdoor Video Projector under 100
  2. ELEPHAS Mini Projector-Best Mini Projector for iPhone
  3. TMY Mini Wi-Fi Projector- Best Portable Outdoor Projector under $100
  4. PVO Portable Projector- Best Home Theater Movie Projector
  5. HOMPOW Portable Projector- Best 2022 Upgraded Movie Projector
  6. CiBest Outdoor Projector-Best Projector for Small Rooms under 100 Dollars
  7. AuKing Projector-Best Upgraded Mini Projector in 2023

The best of all products are also recommended for budget-friendly options under $100. So, to find out your best option click this link and check out this article. 

  1. Nebula Capsule Max Anker-Best Overall Budget Projector
  2. Anker Solar Outdoor Projector-Best Budget Projector for Outdoor Movies
  3. Leisure 3 Vankyo Projector-Best Value Budget Projector
  4. NeoPix Easy Projector-Best Mini Budget Projector
  5. Luma 150 Portable Wireless Projector Kodak- Best Budget Portable Projector
  6. EX3280 3LCD XGA Projector-Best Multipurpose Budget Projector
For a better viewing experience in this world of visual technology, more pixels are ideal. So, for this purpose, the 4K projector is better than 1080p. Because a 4K projector is remarkably higher than 1080p due to its difference in pixels. For example, a 4K projector has 8 million pixels, but a 1080p display has only 2 million pixels.

What are best projectors for classroom use?

The best projectors for classroom use are mentioned below:
1-Optoma HD146X Projector
2-Epson Pro EX9240 Projector
3-ViewSonic PA503W Projector
4-Optoma EH512 Projector
5-BenQ DLP Projector
6-Optoma HD143X Projector
7-ViewSonic PRO7827HD Projector
8-Optoma ML750ST Projector
9-Optoma GT1080 Projector
10-ViewSonic PG705HD Full 1080p Projector


If you are in search of a budget-friendly projector that delivers high-quality images, then the GooDee 2023 Upgraded Native 1080P Video Projector is an excellent option for you. Priced under, it is the best affordable native 1080p projector that offers superior brightness and contrasts with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Moreover, this Best Projector is under $200 and the upgraded version also features built-in speakers, which eliminate the need for additional audio equipment. It is lightweight, portable and compatible with various devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, and smartphones.

Overall, the GooDee 2023 is an ideal choice for home entertainment, presentations, and educational purposes, making it a great value for its price.

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